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Our Story

Engine House Coffee was established in 2011 with the curiosity to find the perfect coffee blend. This fuels our passion to roast better, source smarter, and evolve faster.

Our team takes care to roast small batches by combining fresh beans (fair trade & organic) with precise process to create 11 unique blends. Our goal is to consistently deliver exceptional taste.

"Enjoy every cup!"


Founded by the railway

In 1868 our home town of Killaloe was established with the completion of the Killaloe Rail Station. The rugged Madawaska Valley countryside expanded rapidly with the growing demands of the lumber industry.
This expansion was driven by the locomotive and coffee; at least we'd like to think so!

Located in the Ottawa Valley - a beautiful region covered by 900 lakes, 4 river-ways and a vast wilderness. This land was first occupied by Huron, Algonquin, Iroquois and Outaouais people.

Engine House Coffee is proud to call Killaloe, Ontario home!

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Our Mission

Our goal is to provide an exceptional taste experience with only the freshest, selected beans. 


  • Never sacrifice quality
  • Source fair trade beans
  • Support the community we serve
  • Dedicated to sustainability of our supply chain
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Our Beans

Our beans are Organic and fair trade, sourced from ethical suppliers. 

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Small Batch Roasting

We roast our beans in small batches to order; ensuring you always get fresh consistent brews.

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Quality Packaging

We use premium packaging ensuring our coffee stays fresh long after it leaves our roastery.

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